How to Organize Your Brain

Last week, we talked about how organizing your business will save you time, money, and energy, but where do you even begin? Today, we will organize ypur brain. This is by no means an end-all-be-all explanation, but it should get you headed in the right direction. When you have more questions, leave a comment or book a free call with me and let’s talk through it. 

organize your brain

Let’s get started.

Start with what is called a brain dump. Take out a pen and paper, or open a brand new document, and start making some columns. Make a column for each email address and drive you have. Include cloud-based, external, and your computer. If you don’t like columns, try doing a mind map for each.

The goal here is to set up folders to allow you to sort everything so you can find it easier when the time comes. The trick, is to have enough folders and subfolders to be helpful, but not so many that it creates an entirely different type of overwhelm.

Now, let’s start with your business email address. What types of emails do you receive? Maybe you receive things such as newsletters, lead requests, client communication. What else? Write these categories down and review your list. Do each of these categories need their own folders or can some of them be grouped together? Do any of your main folders need subfolders? Write these folder names down in the column on your brain dump.

Sorting your digital drives is a very similar process. What types of documents do you have? What topics do they cover? Will you sort by topic, author, type of document? It all depends on your business and your needs. Write out the folders and subfolders you will need to get the drive organized.

Keep going.

Take these steps for every email and drive until you’ve gotten them all mapped out. Set your list aside and come back and review it in a day or two. Do your folders and subfolders still make sense? Tweak as needed.

Time to get started.

Do NOT try to tackle all of this at once. You will get nowhere and get burned out on the whole project very quickly. Which of your emails or drive will benefit you the most once its organized? For most people, I recommend starting with your business email. This will allow you to keep track of your leads, clients, and other important information sooner, meaning you will be able to serve your clients and potential clients better and more efficiently.

I know this brain dump is just a birds-eye-view of this potentially massive project, but I hope it has given you something to think about and somewhere to start. Once you organize your brain, it will be easier to organize your files and emails.

Download the 5 steps I use with my clients to get their digital files and email organized now so you can hop to it as soon as you’ve finished your brain dump.

How to Organize your brain

Leave a comment with any questions that come to mind and I’ll be sure to answer. If you’d rather chat live, here’s my schedule.

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