Do I Really NEED an Accountability Partner?

Last week, we talked about what accountability is so this week, I’m going to explain why we need accountability partners.

Why can’t we just trust ourselves to get things done?

There are a lot of different types of accountability partners, groups, and programs out there, including my super secret project this month, so it’s becoming more and more apparent that this is an important part of running a business.

There are a lot of reasons why we each need an accountability partner, but let me address just 3 of them.

When you feel stuck in business, you need an accountability partner

You Get Stuck

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything right and yet nothing is happening in your business? This is the perfect time to have someone come in and take a good look at what you are actually doing. Most of the time, you think you’re doing everything you say you need to do to meet your goals, but one of two things is actually happening.

  1. You aren’t checking every box every day
  2. You are only half-doing some things just so you can check the box

Both are easy traps to fall into. Sometimes, you just simply forget that you’re supposed to be doing something. Either you don’t write out your To-Do List or the item just got missed one week and you didn’t realize it, so it gets missed on the subsequent lists.

We all have those things we don’t really like doing, but we know it’s really important for growing our business. For me, it’s coming up with social media posts. I know how important it is to be consistent on my Facebook page and yet, I easily find myself putting off scheduling it all out because I just don’t like to do it.

Sometimes, when I do do it, it’s not my best work because I just want to get it done.

We all need to stop this nonsense. When we do this, we’re really just wasting our time. If it’s not our best work, it’s not going to attract our best clients.

When you have someone holding you accountable to doing your best work, you are far more likely to do it just because you don’t want to disappoint them.

If you get lost in your list of ideas, you need an accountability partner

You Get Lost in Your List of Ideas

For some entrepreneurs, coming up with ideas of what to write, create, sell, etc is as easy as counting to 10. If you are this type of person, congrats! It’s an amazing thing to never run out of ways to serve your audience.

How many of those ideas have you actually followed through and created? Odds are, not very many and definitely not as many as you could have.

One of the responsibilities of your accountability partner is to help you move your business forward. If you aren’t creating new things or improving old things, your business is stagnant.

Bring your list of ideas to your accountability partner and let them help you sort through them and figure out a plan of attack so your amazing ideas can finally come to life!

Share the responsibility of your success with an accountability partner

Share the Responsibility of Your Success

To continue off of the previous point, an accountability partner or coach is there to help you! They are there to sort out your goals and then hold you accountable to them.

If no one else knows what your goals are, you are the only person responsible for figuring out how to achieve them. As soon as you tell your accountability partner what your goals are, they shoulder a little bit of the responsibility.

You still hold about 90% of the responsibility yourself, but they’re there to help you. If they didn’t want to help you, they wouldn’t have agreed to be your accountability partner. Don’t feel badly because you’re asking them to help you sort something out.

3 reasons you need an accountability partner

One thing that Trish Blackwell talks about here is that every top professional performer have coaches whether they’re top-level executives or NFL players. How do you think they stay at the top of their game?

Do you agree that having an accountability partner or group is important? Leave a note in the comments!

Katelyn Patton Accountability Coach
Do I really need an accountability partner? 3 reasons why the answer is yes!

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