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3 Steps to Automating Social Media

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How much time would you say that you spend on social media every week? 5 hours, 10 hours, more?

Some of this time is absolutely required for building our business and there is no reason to feel guilty about it. It’s great for building relationships, finding clients, and getting our business out in front of the world!

But it can also be a major time suck because we are stuck doing all of the behind-the-scenes things like posting, scheduling, deciphering insights, etc.

So the question is…how can we spend less time on social media and still get the same or better results?

Research your social media platforms


I realize this doesn’t sound like a time-saver, but bear with me a moment.

Every social media platform has different audiences, best times to post, number of times to post, and types of content to post. In order to know that you’re using your time wisely, you need to know all of these things as a part of building your strategy.

Be sure to research which platforms are best for your specific audience too. I have been predominantly on Facebook until recently but then I shifted my niche a bit. Now that I’m focused specifically on moms who own businesses, I’ve started to learn Instagram because that’s where research tells me my audience is.

There are so many platforms out there you can use, but I suggest choosing 2-3 and learning everything you can. You can only focus on so many things, so don’t try to learn a little about everything. Learn a lot about a few things.


This one is a major time-saver after you’ve gotten it set up!

Now that you know when to post where you can set a schedule. You have two choices: 1) Set reminders so you post manually OR 2) Use a scheduler so you can set up weeks ahead of time.

Facebook has its own scheduler and I highly recommend that you use it because that’s what the algorithms prefer. I know it’s tempting to use one scheduler for everything but if Facebook is a major draw for you, then I would use the Facebook Scheduler directly.

Instagram is a bit trickier because it is not a big fan of automatic posting. There are tools like Later where you can set up your posts, hashtags, etc and schedule it to remind you on your phone or tablet to make your post at a certain time. This still allows you to do a majority of the work ahead of time and just do the physical posting manually.


That being said, Tailwind now has an approved Instagram scheduler available! I have only just started using it, but it works a lot like Later with a couple of major upgrades. It not only allows you to set up your posts, hashtags, etc but it will automatically post them for you and will recommend when to post! Tailwind can’t post stories but it will send you a reminder trigger to post your story at a scheduled time. It also gives you hashtag recommendations based on your post and allows you to save hashtag lists.

Tailwind is also the only approved Pinterest scheduler available. It works pretty much the same way for Pinterest as for Instagram. You also have access to Tailwind Tribes which are groups within Tailwind that you can share your content in and share from to up your reach.

This link, and the two highlighted above, are my referral link for Tailwind and will give you a one-month trial for free!! I do get a small token of appreciation from them if you sign up. After your trial, it’s only $14.99/month. Such a steal of a deal in my book!

Use a messenger bot to save yourself time

Messenger Bots

These little guys are a great way to give your people answers to their questions without you or your team having to manual answer every single message. Set up a few automatic messages and answers and then only answer the personalized questions of your audience members.

You can also use bots to bring repeated attention to your page, keep people updated on what’s going on, and do market research.


Social media can’t be avoided as an entrepreneur, but you can be smart about how you use it. Do what you can to automate every piece of it that you can! That will save you time for the personal touch pieces that you can’t. You need to be in direct contact with your people and that can’t happen through a post or bot.

Use your saved behind-the-scenes time to become more visible in other aspects of your business. Your people want to see YOU so give yourself the time to serve them!

Katelyn Patton Accountability Coach

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    1. I completely agree! That’s another reason why I like automating my postings. It allows me to set it and forget it for about a month at a time so I don’t get sucked into scrolling as often.

    1. I can only imagine blogging while in college! I’m a mom of 3, but I’m not sure I could have done it while I was in college! High-five to you!

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