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Manage Your 6-Figure Business with Young Kids

We have a family schedule full of errands, naps, play dates, chores, and so much more.

We have a business schedule full of videos, live trainings, client work, messaging, and more “other” tasks than we can count.

Even if you have a team helping you at home or in your business life can feel very overwhelming.

Here are the top 3 strategies that I use every week that will help you manage your business while running your household.

One item in, one item out!

Audit Your Schedule

What can you eliminate and what MUST stay?

The hard truth in entrepreneurship and motherhood is that you can’t do it all, nor should you try

There’s a closet rule that says one in, one out. When you buy one new top, you get rid of one old top. The same principal works here. You need to add one hour of business work in, so an hour of something else must go…and I don’t mean sleep. We miss out on enough of that in the early years anyway. 

Sit down and write out your schedule for a typical week. Mark out what can go, highlight what must stay, and circle what you’re unsure about. Find the right person, which may or may not be your significant other or best friend, and talk through your circled items to determine which remaining items must stay and which can go.

Entrepreneurship and motherhood require sacrifice. Remember, as your business grows and allows more freedom, you can always put the fun extras back into your schedule. This time, without the stress.

Audit Your Family's Schedule

Audit Your Family's Schedule

Start out by asking yourself these questions:

When do they nap and for how long?

When are they in their best mood? Worst mood?

Do they play on their own yet? If not, are they ready to learn how to?

How many out-of-the-house activities do they have?

How many out-of-the-house activities does your spouse have?

Look at the answers to these questions and plug in your business tasks around your kids’ good moods, naps, and quiet times. If they are in multiple activities that keep you out of the house, do they need to keep doing them all? Kids absolutely need to explore things, but remember that they can do it at a higher level once your business is making a larger profit.

My kids are 5 ½, 3, & 18 months and only my youngest naps. I do a large majority of my work during my youngest’s second nap because that’s also when my older 2 have quiet time which means distractions are at a minimum. Outside of that, I mostly work in 10-20 minute pockets throughout the day and then after they’re in bed.

It’s important that you use your pockets of time wisely. That means knowing what you’re going to do as soon as you find the pocket. I have a list of 10, 20, & 30+ minute tasks so when I have a pocket of time, I don’t waste it trying to figure out what I need to do.

And yes, you and your spouse need to evaluate their schedule too. Entrepreneurship isn’t a hobby so your business needs count just as much as their out-of-the-house job needs do. Manage your business the same way you manage his job.

Always plan!


If you’ve been around me for more than about a minute, you’ll know that I am all about planning!

It is easy for life to be thrown into chaos when a new baby arrives or our kids’ go through a major change. New schedules, new responsibilities, visitors, and exhaustion all come into play.

In order to avoid the most chaos and overwhelm, you must plan your week ahead of time. Start every week with a planning session where you map out your schedule and tasks for the week.

I pull out my paper planner and digital calendar every Sunday and design my week. I choose not to assign specific dates to most of my tasks because I do so much work in the pockets of time and I have no idea how many pockets I’m going to get in any given day. When I do have a pocket, I refer to my list and get 1 or 2 things knocked out or at least make good progress on them.

If you aren’t intentional about your time, it will assign something on its own. Manage your time, manage your business. Time will pass it’s about how intentional you are with it that matters. Planning should be super simple and not take more than about 30 minutes each week.

BONUS: Give Yourself a Break!

Your days won’t all go smoothly and some days, you won’t get a single minute of business accomplished and that is 100% ok. It’s part of building a business with kids of any age.

Just don’t get stuck in a routine of chaos. 

If you are having several days a week where you get little to no business done, reach out to someone to help you. That’s why I created the Chaos Management Community and why I do what I do! An outside perspective is sometimes all we need to get things moving forward again.

There will be times when you need to focus on your family and time where you need to focus on your business. Both are normal and both are acceptable. You know what’s needed. Let go of the mom-guilt! Your family is why you are building this business so spending time in and on your business is good for your family too.

Schedule in self-care. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You need sleep. You need to exercise. You need kid-free time. Schedule it in to help avoid the guilt. At the end of the day, you’ll feel better and it will be something else you can check off your list for the day.

Include your kids, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes. I do my lives and other videos during my afternoons because that’s when our quiet time is scheduled. However, my kids still make occasional appearances on my lives because life happens and I just roll with it. If your baby needs to hop on a client call with you because they’ve decided the only place to be is in your lap, then so be it!

Sometimes, to manage your business is to take a break!

I would love to answer any questions you have about this so please drop a comment below!

These are not one-and-done things. You will need to re-evaluate your schedule and your kids’ schedule all the time! Kids go through growth spurts where they eat every hour or so and they go through sleep regression where you’re lucky to get 5 hours of sleep over the course of a night. 

There are lots of things about kids we can’t control. What we can control is our business and our schedule. Roll with it as best as you can and ask for help, at home or in business, whenever you need to. Whether it’s your first or your third baby, you will still need help.

You can manage your business with young kids and thrive!

Katelyn Patton Accountability Coach
How to Manage Your Family Time with a 6-Figure Business

6 thoughts on “Manage Your 6-Figure Business with Young Kids

  1. “Entrepreneurship isn’t a hobby so your business needs count just as much as their out-of-the-house job needs do.” This is such an important statement. It’s easy for spouses to think that your blog or start up career is just a hobby and so they don’t take it seriously…meaning they don’t allow you the time to really focus on and grow your business. When in reality, it takes just as much, if not more, time. We work on a pretty strict schedule around our house. My husband works outside of the house and is also working on a start up business. I am a stay at home mom of 5 that I homeschool and manage run a blog. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times but understanding and working around each others schedules and planning… PLANNING is key…really does help to keep the chaos down.

    1. Y’all definitely have a lot going on. Planning is absolutely KEY in every phase of life, especially the busy ones. 🙂

  2. I thought I’d commented already! Running a six-figure business with kids in tow is tough. I’m doing it as a single parent and I homeschool so my kids are always home with me. Creating a routine and schedule has been really helpful and making time for self-care is definitely important. Great tips!

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