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Make Your Dream Schedule Your Reality

Let’s dream for a minute. What does your perfect schedule look like?

Your business is highly successful, you have more income than you can spend, and you’re only working with your dream clients.

I want you to take a minute and write it out, in detail. Stop reading this and take a few minutes to dream. Think family time, vacations, work hours, etc

Then come back here so we can talk about how to achieve that very schedule you just wrote out!

Your Current Schedule

Since you’re spending your precious time reading this, thank you by the way, I bet you don’t currently have your dream schedule. I would hazard a guess that your current schedule is more nightmare than dream even. So how do we get from where you are to where you want to be?

The first step is already done. You’ve taken the time to visualize how you dream of spending your time. Now you have something to look at when you’re wondering why you’re doing all of this work and putting in all of this effort.

The next step is to do a Schedule Audit. You need to take a hard look at what you’re filling your schedule with and why. I wrote a detailed post about it here and you’ll find my free Schedule Audit Workbook here. This step is vital because it helps you to visualize where you currently are. Just like a GPS can’t get you where you want to go without knowing where you are right now, you can’t get to your dream schedule without doing a Schedule Audit.

Your In-between Shedules

Your In-between Schedules

Now that your audit is complete, it’s important that you put only the right things back into your schedule. In order to determine what the right things are, you will need to revisit your goals for a moment or two. 

Is what’s on your To-Do List and your schedule moving you towards those goals or away from them? There is no such thing as stagnation, in life or business. You are either moving forward incrementally or backwards incrementally every day. What you spend your time on determines which direction you’re going. Make sure that the only things you’re doing are moving you forward in your family and business goals.

As you saw in my workbook, I highly recommend that you do a new Schedule Audit every 90 days. Seasons change quickly and you need to stay on top of them at all times. When you regularly do these audits, you will get a little closer to your dream schedule every time. You will find that you strayed a little bit and let something extra take up time on your calendar. You’ll remove it after your audit and add in a little more family time or self-care time.

Your dream schedule

Your Dream Schedule

You’ll continue this routine until you have the balance and schedule you want.

Then you’ll continue audits to make sure it stays that way. People are good at convincing us to say “yes” to things no matter how good we become at saying “no.” The need for an audit will never go away, but they will start taking less time as you do them without much thought.

With regular maintenance, you WILL achieve your dream schedule and you WILL be able to keep it that way! Welcome to your dream schedule!

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Make Your Dream Schedule Your Reality

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    1. I agree! Some things get easier, but then they tend to need a chauffer more often! That’s why it’s so important to evaluate everyone’s schedule from time to time.

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