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3 Steps to a Productive Work Space

Where is your most productive work space? Do you know why you’re so productive there?

From style to organization to amount of space our work space is vital to our productive success.

Here are 3 steps you can take to step up your productivity through improving your work space.

Your Work space

1. Consider Your Needs

Do you need a lot of work space for writing or drawing? Maybe you just need you and a laptop. You need to get specific about the amount of space you need to work comfortably. If you like feeling cozy while you work, then set up a nice nook in one corner. If you like to spread out, maybe you need a whole room. The only wrong way to design your space is do it like someone else. 

Here are a few questions to get you started:

Do you need color to feel inspired or do you find it distracting? 

Do you want a cushioned chair or a stool? 

Standing desk or sitting? 

Family pictures or dream board pictures?

Do you need room for drawers or other storage near you?

Do you need to be away from all distractions or do you need to be near the coffee pot & snacks?

Personalize your space to fit both your needs and your comforts. You need to be able to focus, but that doesn’t mean it has to be all white or beige if you prefer color. Your productive work space needs to fit only you.

Organize your productive workspace

2. Organize Your Space

According to this OfficeMax survey, 90% of people they surveyed said that unorganized clutter at home or work has a negative impact on their lives.

Whether you are naturally organized or not, you need some sort of method to your madness in order to have a truly productive work space. You need a place to put your things at the end of the day. And no, the desk top and floor don’t count! With kids, husbands, and pets running around the house all day, who knows when someone will sneak into your work area and make a wreck of things!

Having things put away will significantly limit the damage anyone can do. It will also save you time every day. When you need a worksheet you printed two days ago you have two choices. 1. Dig through the piles in your drawer or on top of your desk until you finally find it OR 2. Go straight to the folder you put it in because that’s where all of your worksheets on that topic are. Which one do you think takes less time? Which one do you think causes less stress?

How you organize your things will depend entirely on how your brain automatically sorts things. Do you prefer things by topic, author, course, or type of document? There is no right or wrong as long as you know how to find things in an instant.

Re-evaluate your productive work space

3. Routinely Re-evaluate Your Space

Seasons change, emotions change, and what keeps us focused changes. What is working well for you today may not serve you as well a few months from now. What works in your current apartment or house probably won’t work in your next one. And sometimes, we just need to change things up to get a new perspective on things. 

Is your dream board still full of inspiring images?

Are your desk & chair still comfortable?

Do those colors still bring your creativity forward?

If not, it’s time for a change! And it doesn’t have to be a pricey one. Start by taking things out of your work space and bring in things from other rooms around your house. It’s amazing the productivity that can come from a simple rearranging of items around you!

What do you have in your productive work space to boost your focus & productivity?

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3 Steps to a Productive Work Space

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