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8 Questions to Streamlining Your Business

Streamlining your business. Does it spark joy in your life?

We’ve probably all heard this question now as the KonMari method of decluttering has skyrocketed in popularity. 

Let’s talk about how it CAN spark joy!

For the last two weeks I have talked about how to improve your physical and digital workspace. Now that I’ve covered the basics of how to do it, I want to give you 8 questions to ask yourself to make sure you truly streamline your business.

Use these questions with both the physical and digital things in and around your business.

Streamlining your business

Is this something I can run my business without?

We all have sentimental items or trinkets someone gave us lying around. Are they all helping you move your business forward or are they simply clutter? A wall of your kids’ artwork is probably not increasing your productivity. Put it together in a book like this and put that book on a shelf or keep the book out of your office all together. 

Do you still use that copy writing workbook you downloaded a year ago? If not, then you need to hit the delete button. 

Does this add value to my business?

If you have a course or book that you aren’t referring to anymore, then it’s just taking up space, even if it’s only a bookmark or email. That means it’s actually devaluing your business because it’s wasting your time every time you have to go around it.

When was the last time I used this?

If the answer to this is “I don’t know” then it’s a pretty good sign that it’s just wasting space. Also consider when the last time was that you needed something on that topic. If you’ve hired someone to take care of that area for you, either pass it on to them or ditch it.

Streamline your digital space

Would I download/buy this again?

If the answer to this is no, then you don’t need it now. That means that you haven’t found it helpful or valuable. Why would you want something of little to no value sitting around your work space reminding you of what a waste of time & money it was?

Why am I keeping this?

Along those same lines, why do you still have it? There are two main answers to this question.

  1. I spent money on it and feel guilty getting rid of it
  2. Someone I know gave it to me & I don’t want them to know it’s not valuable to me

If your answer is number 1, then learn from the mistake and move on. You now know that that version of training or a book by that author doesn’t work well for you for whatever reason. Take it as a learning experience and get rid of the reminder. You’ll free up brain space this way too.

If your answer is number 2, then know that most people don’t realize that we no longer have something. Unless it’s a huge piece of art or something of the sort, they won’t even notice. Besides, if they are true friends or colleagues then they’ll understand the importance of streamlining your business.

Do I have anything else that covers or does the same thing?

This is a simple, guilt-free way to streamline your business. It’s not uncommon for us to accidentally collect multiples of things, especially digital documents. The easiest way to let ourselves throw things out is when we know it’s basically just a duplicate. Do you need 10 copywriting or marketing books or would 2-3 cover what you need? 

Do you need all of those courses on social media or have you found one that covers them all? Sometimes finding all-in-one solutions is part of streamlining your business.

Streamline your physical space

Is the information still current?

There’s no guilt associated with this one. Today’s world moves incredibly quickly! If the book is about social media 5 years ago, it’s likely not very useful anymore. If the course isn’t being kept up to date once or twice a year, then the information could easily be irrelevant!

Do you know another entrepreneur who could use it?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Not everything you declutter needs to go out in the trash. Streamlining your business can mean helping someone else streamline theirs!

Leaders are readers, no doubt. But a bookshelf full of books you’ve already read may no longer be useful for you. Do a giveaway on social media or bless your clients and other business owners with books you love but don’t need anymore. 

In this decluttering process have you come across a course or workbook that you remember being really helpful to you at one point? Send the info over to someone you know could use it. Don’t send them your copy though, just a referral link or two. Just delete your copy.

If it’s one of the things you feel guilty about getting rid of, then give it to someone you know will appreciate it.

How will you be streamlining your business this week?

Katelyn Patton Accountability Coach
8 Questions to Streamlining Your Business

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