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The Cost of Digital Disorganization

This month we are going to focus on digital organization. We will talk about tools and strategies that I use personally as well as a few tips and tricks other highly-productive entrepreneurs use.

To kick things off, I want to talk about WHY digital organization is so important. Physical organization is easy to see, so we know that it leads to pretty & productive spaces. Digital organization is all behind the scenes.

So why does it matter? What is the cost of digital disorganization?

The Cost of Searching

Take a minute and think about how often you dig through your emails or digital files to find something. I bet you do this multiple times a day. 

Let’s do some quick math. If it takes you 5 minutes to find a document and you look for a document once a day, every day that means you spend 30 minutes a week looking for documents. 

Let’s say you make $100/hr. You are spending $50/week just searching for documents every week! Let’s look at what you could be doing in that 30 minutes a week:

  • Sales call
  • 1:1 with a client
  • Training a new team member
  • Do a collaboration call
  • Some self care

All of these things make you money. Searching for your documents is literally like spending $50+ per week and that’s only if you spend 5 minutes per day doing it.

Do the math with your own numbers. What is your cost of  digital disorganization?

How to Organize Your Files

I wrote about this in depth here, but here’s a quick rundown of how to get a handle on your digital documents.

  1. Implement Folders & Sub-folders
  2. Create a Document Naming Structure

Don’t go overboard with your folders & sub-folders. You need a balance of having enough that they’re easy to sort into, but not so many that you leave yourself wondering which folder a certain document belongs in.

The document naming structure can definitely seem overwhelming, but when you update your document names in 10-15 minute bursts, you’ll be done before you know it!

One of the steps to increasing your productivity is to implement tools that help you do the same things quicker. In our example above, it is incredibly simple to trim down the time it takes you to find a document. Once your documents are in order, you can simply type what you’re looking for into your search bar and find it within seconds.

How to Organize Your Email

The cost of digital disorganization pops up everywhere throughout our days and email is often a significant time waster. 

Believe it or not, you can get to Inbox Zero in under 30 minutes! There are only 5 steps required to tame your inbox and you’ll be at Inbox Zero by Step 4.

  1. Unsubscribe from EVERY list except the ones you actually read regularly
  2. Create new folders (include To Sort)
  3. Set up email filters
  4. Move ALL emails from Inbox to To Sort (Hello Inbox Zero!)
  5. Sort through your To Sort folder in 10-15 minute bursts

Simple steps that lead to massive amounts of time saved. For details about each step, check out my post here. I will also be doing a training where I walk you through exactly how to do this later this month in my Facebook Community, Chaos Recovery for Entrepreneurs. We’d love to have you join us!

Do the math here too. How much money are you spending just to search through your inbox?

The Cost of Digital Disorganization

You can keep going the way you’re going or you can face the facts. Regardless of how quickly you think you can find your digital files and emails, if you can’t use the search bar or don’t know which folder to find something in, you are wasting precious time. 

Take your time back. The cost of digital disorganization is great and the opportunity for increased profits is even greater!

What are you going to do this week to lower the cost?

Katelyn Patton Accountability Coach
The Cost of Digital Disorganization

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