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The How & Why of a Naming Structure

How often do you use your search bar?

If you’re like most people, you either don’t use it at all or you do and it still doesn’t end up saving you much time.

I’ve been there! There is a better way and it has saved me countless hours of searching.

You need to implement a naming structure for your documents.

Not sure what that is or how to go about it? Then read on and leave your questions and thoughts in the comments!

Why Bother?

This is going to take some thought and a LOT of time. Why bother doing it? What’s the ROI?

Think about it this way. You are spending your time searching randomly through your drives looking for that one document about how to increase engagement on Instagram. But what is it called? Who did you get it from? When did you first download it?

You have a choice. Continue to spend your time doing that and being frustrated OR implement a naming structure so you can find things in an instant.

The bonus to implementing a naming structure is that it’s a project with an end in sight. Then you’ll have this time back in your schedule forever. You’ll never spend minutes searching for a document ever again!

Some Examples

There is no right or wrong way to set this up. You’re structure will look different than mine because we think differently and do different things. I’m going to give you some examples here just to get your brain going in the right direction. Use them or don’t, I won’t be offended. 😉 

Topic_Author_Title of Document

Type of Document_Topic_Title of Document

Author_Topic_Title of Document

I suggest leaving it to 2-3 types of labels so that it doesn’t get out of control. As I’ve mentioned before, there is such a thing as too many sublevels in organization. 

Personally, I use Type of Document_Topic_Title of Document. For example: eBook_Planning_Audit My 6-Figure Workbook. This allows me to search by topic and then decide between the format I want to spend time in right now. Sometimes I want a workbook or template and sometimes I just want to read about it.

Where to Begin

Take a deep breath. I know this can feel like an overwhelming task to tackle. Last week I talked about how to plan your digital organization project without adding to your overwhelm. I STRONGLY advise that you read through that before you get lost in your overwhelm. I am all about preventing overwhelm over here! I also did a training over in my Community last week on the topic as well if you’d prefer to watch or listen.

Start by writing down your naming structure like I did above. Decide which labels are important to you and in what order you’d like to see them. Then implement the new naming structure on every new document you download. You don’t have to dive into the deep end right away. Start with one or two documents at a time as you download them.

If you feel stuck at any point in this process, let me know! Leave me a comment, send me an email, book a consult. I’m easy to reach and ready to help!

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The How and Why of a Naming Structure

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