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Plug Profit Leaks with These Digital Organization Tools

What would a month about digital organization be without some top-rated tools and apps?!

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Let’s dive right in!

Quick Reminder

Tools and systems are NOT the same thing! Both are vital to staying organized. Today I am only talking about the tools that you can use as a piece of your digital organization system. For a detailed explanation of the differences between systems and tools, check out this post I wrote about it here


I just started using this one and I am in LOVE. It’s a combination of Trello, Asana, and then some! The free version is the most robust I have come across in the world of project and task managers. You can set up multiple views of the same information (list, board, calendar, gantt, etc) and flipping between views is just a click. You can add team members, leave comments, set up privacy for each workspace, and just about everything else you expect from such a program. It integrates with a ton of other applications and tools as well. 

You will need to upgrade to the $5/month option if you want to include a lot of documents, images, and such because the free version is limited at 100MB. The free version allows for unlimited tasks and unlimited users.

Save time by using one platform instead of switching between several


If you’ve been around for a little while, you shouldn’t be surprised by this one. I include a timer in just about every list like this that I do because it is SO helpful and it is so often ignored. When you are diving into an organization project, set a timer so you don’t get lost in it or get overwhelmed. 

You can use the basic one on your phone or download a pretty one for your phone or laptop. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Set your timer for 20 minutes and get to work knowing that you don’t have to do it forever!

Google Calendar

Or whichever digital calendar you use. Put your tasks on your calendar! I’ve just started doing this and wow is it a game-changer! You write your task list on Sundays but how much of it gets done? Do you lose time throughout the week and find things not getting done but you’re not sure why? 

It’s time to use your calendar as your accountability partner. I want you to assign each vital task a time slot on your calendar. What time will you write your blog post? When will you create social media content? What time will you do client work? What time will you sort through your email?

The biggest struggle most of us have with getting organized is lack of accountability. We need to set our intentions for the week and the day and have a digital accountability partner that will ding at us when it’s time to accomplish our next task. Tasks will take as long as we allow them to take. I allowed 30 minutes to bang out this blog post, and that’s exactly how long it took.

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Plug Profit Leaks with These Tools

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