Become an Organized Entrepreneur for Good

Are you an Obliger, Rebel, Questioner, or Upholder?

The Four Tendencies is such a powerful framework that can give you an insane understanding of yourself and why you do things the way you do!

This is a framework created by Gretchen Rubin, a habits expert, after she did an immense amount of research and testing. I can’t possibly go into enough detail in this post, so take the quiz here to find out which one you are and read a quick summary of each tendency here

Today, I’m going to go into some detail about how you can become an organized entrepreneur based on your tendency! It’s time we learn to work WITH ourselves instead of trying to change who we are.


I’m an Obliger, which at a basic level means I’m a great accountability partner but I also must have an accountability partner in order to be truly successful. If I set expectations for myself and try to hold myself accountable, I almost always fail. Instead of being hard on myself and beating myself up for constantly missing the mark, I’ve figured out how to meet my personal goals. I need an accountability partner. For me, that has meant joining a coaching program with a very detailed and personalized accountability program. I’m going to work confidently towards my goals because I know someone else is keeping track too.

So how does this apply to organization?

If you are an Obliger, stop fighting yourself. Just because you need help to follow through doesn’t mean you’re weak or lesser than. It simply means you need someone on the outside that you know will hold you accountable to your goals. Whether that’s a friend, family member, or coach doesn’t matter as long as you know they won’t let you slide. 

Organization requires tackling your current projects and then setting in place the habits and systems required to keep you that way. You won’t manage it on your own just like I can’t manage pushing myself out of my comfort zone to grow my business alone. I went out, found help, and invested in myself and my business knowing that it will return on investment well over 100%.


Rebels can often get a bad rap because they like to buck the system and go against the grain. While this can prove helpful in making your business stand out from the rest, it comes with it’s challenges too. As a whole, Rebels tend to struggle with both internal and external expectations. You rebel against the expectations you set for yourself AND against expectations others set on you. You’re likely disorganized more because others want you to be organized, even if you sometimes wish you were an organized entrepreneur.

So, how do you succeed?

Think of someone who wishes you were organized but is resigned to the fact that you never will be. Now rebel against their expectations. It’s time to prove them wrong! Tackle your organization projects and build these habits and systems just so you can prove them wrong. You also might not believe it’s possible for you because you’ve never succeeded in the past. Now it’s time to prove yourself wrong. Become that organized entrepreneur you’ve always envied or dreamed of being. I also strongly suggest finding an accountability partner too because this is new territory for you.


If you are a Questioner, then you need to know WHY something is important and HOW it will help you before you act. When I tell you that inbox zero is important to achieve and vital to maintain, you need to know why. When I tell you that becoming an organized entrepreneur is important for your business, you need to know the how and why. You aren’t going to take my word on it, regardless of how well you know me. You need me to explain myself.

So how do you succeed?

When you come across an idea or a project that someone thinks you should implement or tackle, don’t take their word for it. Take some time and do the research. If the initial post intrigues you but doesn’t have enough evidence, go to Google and see what else you can find. That being said, set a timer first! Because you love to research and get your questions answered, you can get lost down the rabbit hole of the internet and end up wasting your time.


As an upholder, you typically struggle to understand the rest of us very well because you follow through on expectations whether you set them on yourself or if someone else sets them on you. In some ways, this makes it very easy for you to get things accomplished. You decide to do it and therefore you do it. Simple, right?

There is a negative side to it though. Once you decide to do something, it can be very difficult for you to change your mind, even if it’s the right thing to do. Deciding to become an organized entrepreneur can be overwhelming unless you do things in the right order and that order depends on you and your business. 

So how do you succeed?

Decide that you’re going to become an organized entrepreneur! However, make sure that you break the project down into small projects because once you get started, you won’t stop even if you start feeling overwhelmed. Have someone help you design a project plan first.

What are your thoughts? Which Tendency are you? Regardless of which one you are, I want to help you set an effective action plan in place! Book a no-pressure Strategy Session now so we can get a tailored action plan in place for you!

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  1. Love love love this approach to organizing! Everyone’s different so obviously different strategies will work best. I’m definitely an obliger and totally relate to breaking stuff down. Time to get organized!

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