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Achieving Peace of Mind in Business

Peace of mind can often get overlooked as we run and  build our businesses. But at what cost?

According to peace of mind is defined as “a mental state of calmness and tranquility, a freedom from worry and anxiety.” Is this how you feel when you walk into your workspace?

Peace of mind is absolutely attainable but first you have to put some work into implementing systems.

Peace of Mind

Benefits of Peace of Mind

The list of benefits is realistically about a mile long. So I’m just going to highlight a few here that I think affect almost all of us as entrepreneurs. 

  1. Increased efficiency – When we aren’t anxious about things we can remain clear-headed and stay focused on what matters most.
  2. Increased sleep quality – It’s easy to push sleep out of the way because of everything else we have going on. By gaining peace of mind whatever amount of sleep we get will be more beneficial for us.
  3. Increased joy – Without stress, it’s easier to see the good around us and be reminded of why we love what we do.
  4. Improved relationships – Our family and friends are second only to ourselves on the list of who gets affected by stress. When we figure out how to let go of that stress, we can truly separate ourselves from our business and enjoy the people we have in our lives.
Peace of Mind

Systems to the Rescue

So now we know why peace of mind is so important and it’s time to move into how to achieve it. This means implementing systems and routines so you can stop thinking about certain things. 

Start by making a list. What process do you wish ran smoother or took less time for you or your team to complete? Social media, lead generation, marketing, following up with leads, etc. Do a full brain dump of these things. If it’s not going smoothly or efficiently, it goes on the list. Don’t stop writing until you can’t think of anything else.

Now it’s time to prioritize based on your goals. Pick the top 5 processes or tasks from your list. When you’re choosing, you MUST consider what your goals are in this season. It’s not always about what’s the quickest win or what you want to fix first. In order to gain and keep momentum, you need to choose things that are going to be noticeable to you and your team. Those are the things that will move you forward the quickest. 

Once you have your top 5, take them to your team and/or a mentor and get their input here. You need to decide on the order in which you’re going to tackle these systems. If you have one that is going to be simple to fix, like maybe you just need a new social media scheduler that has better features, then tackle that first. Choosing a quick win first may be the best way to go at this point.

When you have systems in your top 5 that are under the direction of different team members, assign them to work on them simultaneously. However, if you have a large overhaul that you need done you and your team need to focus on that one system until you have it up and running effectively and efficiently. It’s not about how quickly you can  get “something” up and running. You want to take the time to get the right thing up and running.

Peace of Mind

The Goal

The goal here is not to rush through to check things off the list. The goal is to get ideal, tailored systems in place that serve you and do work for you! Systems require people, software, and other tools and it can take time to find the right one for you. 

This is where I step in to help my clients. As my coach, Kelly O’Neil, often says, “it’s hard to read the bottle from the inside.” If you are feeling stuck, ask for help. Book a pressure-free consult with me where at minimum, you will walk away with the next steps you need to take to start regaining your peace of mind. If you decide your peace of mind is worth investing in right now we will dive in and get a detailed action plan set up. Then I’ll work with you to get the tailored, productive organizational systems you deserve, put in place.

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Peace of Mind

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