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11 Tips to Add Time to Your Day

No matter how much we wish we could, we can’t wave a magic wand and make the day longer. 

That being said, there are things we can do to save time. And there are things you can do to maximize what you accomplish with your time. In a way, you can add hours to your day.

This will require a change in your habits, but many of these strategies are self-rewarding. Once you see the benefits you get, you’ll be motivated to continue.

Here are a few tips to help us all do just that!

Put Things Away

Put things away when you’re done with them. Rather than creating clutter which gets in your way and is emotionally distracting, put things away when you’re done using them. Tell yourself that a task isn’t complete until everything is picked up.

Know When You're Least Productive

Do easy things during your least productive hours. Everyone has a time of day when their physical or mental energy is low. Schedule easy tasks during these times. It can be a good time to read emails, file papers, or tidy up.

Know When You're Most Productive

This one goes hand-in-hand with the last one. Are you a morning person or evening person? Do your most challenging things then. Likewise, you have a time of day when your focus and energy are high. Do your most challenging tasks during this time.

Quit Wasting Time

Reduce the amount of time spent on low-value activities. You might be surprised by how much time you spend watching TV, surfing the internet, or texting friends. Putting this time to better use can easily add a few hours of productive time for most people.

Batch Your Tasks

Batch your activities. Answer all of your emails at once. Pay all of your bills twice a month. Write all of your social media posts at once. Remember that it takes time to switch tasks and regain your focus.

Make Your Waiting Time Productive

Make use of waiting time. If you’re stuck in traffic or in the pick up line at your kids’ school make your phone calls. If you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, deal with your email. Waiting for your child to get dressed? Clean up the kitchen.

Use a Time Tracker

Track your time. The average person has little idea how they spend their time. Track how you spend your time for a week. Every 30 minutes record how you spent the last half-hour. Divide your activities into different categories and see how much time you spend on each.

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate

Get help. We cannot do it all by ourselves at home or in our business. Give your spouse or children some tasks to do at home, big or small. Is your friend constantly asking you if they can help? Give them something to do.       

 ◦ Hire someone to mow your grass.

 ◦ Hire a cleaning 

 ◦ Buy your groceries online and have them delivered

 ◦ Hire a VA

Make a Detailed Plan

You need a planner of some kind, even if it’s just a blank sheet of paper. Make the most of each day by making a schedule and sticking to it. Decide the most important tasks that need to be done and do those. You’ll waste less time and add hours to your day.

Get More Sleep

Go to bed earlier. This is one I’m constantly working on. Most people don’t accomplish a lot in the evening. I always plan to, but then decide to relax instead. Shorten your evening by going to bed earlier. Then, you can add hours to your morning by getting up earlier. There are very few high-achievers that don’t get up early every day.

Ditch Distractions

Eliminate distractions. Turn off your phone and notifications. Use white noise to drown out distracting sounds. Close all of your computer windows and tabs other than what are needed. I have a few more examples here. If you can get more accomplished each hour, you’re adding hours to your day.

We can’t have more than 24 hours in a day. After sleeping, there’s only so many hours left. You can’t make the day any longer, but you can get more out of each day. Get as much out of your day as you can. The more effective you are at using your time you’ll enjoy.

Need help implementing these tips? Message me and let’s chat about it!

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11 Tips to Add Time to Your Day

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  1. I only put things away when I am done with them. If I am waiting for feedback from a client, or have worked 2 hours (which means it is time to switch or exercise or snack), they stay in a corner of the desk. So, they are the ready for the next use.

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