2 Day Refresh

2 days to streamline your work space

Do you feel like you’re spending too much time on busy work & not enough on profit-producing work?

Are you spending 30+ minutes per day looking through your piles or inbox to find what you need?

Do you wish you had more time for yourself and your family?

During this VIP In-Person Service we will:

Clear Physical Clutter

A cluttered space means a cluttered mind! We are going to dive into your work space and make it the peaceful retreat you’ve always dreamed of. In order to focus on your zone of genius, you need a space where it’s easy to think and create.

Clear Digital Clutter

So much is digital today so it’s easy to have a cluttered digital space as well! If you are wasting time searching for emails or documents then you are losing money left and right! It’s time to eliminate this time waster.

We will start with setting up a system to get you to Inbox Zero and keep you there. (I promise that it’s not as scary as you think!) We will hit unsubscribe on just about everything and bulk delete the junk. We will also set up some filters for emails that don’t need your immediate attention so you don’t see them until the right time.

We will then dive into your digital drives. They need to be simplified, condensed, and organized. No more extensive folder-trees that lead to nowhere! We will also determine a naming strategy for your documents so you always know what to type in the search bar even if you don’t remember the exact name of the document.

Refresh Your Priorities

In a growing business it can be easy to get lost in the sea of tasks and projects on your “Must Do” list. But are those tasks and projects actually going to move you forward towards reaching your goals? Do you have to be the one doing everything you’re doing? Probably not.

We will review your goals and set 3-5 priorities to help you reach those goals. We will filter everything on your schedule based on these priorities. Everything you can delegate and everything that doesn’t match your priorities will be removed from your schedule.

This one piece of the puzzle will open up multiple hours in your week! Don’t worry, we’ll fill those gaps with things like family time and self-care. 

Improve Time Management

What tools and strategies are you using right now to manage your time? Do they work? Some of them probably did a season or two ago but your business has changed A LOT since then. It’s time to review what you’ve got and change some things out!

We will take a look at how you plan your time. Is your process as efficient as it can and should be? Are you planning enough or too much? That’s what we’ll determine and we’ll ensure that it works for you right now, in this season.

Action Plan

Everything is done! You have a decluttered physical and digital space, new planning process, and more! 

Now what?!

Now we design an action plan that will keep you moving forward and prevent you from ever falling back into chaos. We will pull everything we have discussed and implemented and put it in one place where you can review it at a moment’s notice. What this looks like exactly will be personalized to YOU.


Decreased wasted time – Goodbye endless searching & easy distractions!

Peaceful mindset at work and home – Hello clean, productive slate!

Take control back from your schedule – YOU get to decide what goes on your calendar. No one else!

More time for yourself and your family – All that wasted time will be put to great use!

Clear physical and digital workplace – A clear space = a clear mind

Come comfy and ready to work. Clear everything from your schedule for the full 2 days. We will work about 8 hours both days. If you have an assistant, it’s best to have them fully available as well.