“I’m so organized!”


“Finding my documents is a cinch!”


Wish you could say phrases like this? But, who has the time to organize?!

Let’s work together so you can!

Organization is the key to taming the chaos, don’t you agree?

You know this. Yet you just can’t quite get yourself out of the cycle of chaos in your business.

Everyone is always saying:

Organize your email!

Organize your desktop!

Organize your Google Drive or Dropbox!

Who’s got time for all of this organizing?! You have a business to run and clients to work with!

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I’m Katelyn, Professional Organizer and the gal behind Yellow Rose Management. Potentially, I’m the key to your continued success and growth as a business! I help top-notch businesses, like yours, banish their digital clutter so they can regain control of their time, money, and energy and focus more on their clients.

How do I achieve this? Simply by doing the organizational tasks that you don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do, so you can focus on the tasks only you can do.

Think of me as your behind-the-scenes magic maker. No one sees me, and yet you are more visible in your business every day. People will marvel at how you get it all done!

Have you taken care of yourself recently? Maybe now you can.

Book a consultation and let’s chat!

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”I had two coaching sessions in the same week. One was pushy, hard-selling and an overall waste of time. The other delivered results! I am so grateful to Katelyn for her patience, understanding, guidance and genuine interest and passion for the success of her clients.”

Malika B.